Long-Term Residents

Long-term residents are holders of residence permits from other member states of the EU which they obtained after a long period of residence there. (For information about obtaining the status of long-term resident in the Netherlands, see Permanent or continued residence.) Someone only has this status if he or she has these specific words on her or his residence permit:

AT/DE/LU: langfristig Aufenthaltsberechtigter
BG: дългосрочно пребиваващ
CS: dlouhodobě pobývající resident
EE: pikaajaline elanik
ES: residente de larga duración
FI: pitkään oleskellut
FR/BE/LU: résident de longue durée
GR: επί μακρών διαμένων
HU: huzamos tartózkodás jogával rendelkező személy
IE: cónaitheoir fadtéarmach
IT: soggiornante di lungo periodo
LT: ilgalaikis gyventojas
LV: pastāvīgais iedzīvotājs
MT: Migrazzjoni fit-tul
NL/BE: langdurig ingezetene
NO: person med permanent oppholdtillatelse (b) / person med permanent opphaldsløyve (n)
PL: rezydent długoterminowy
PT: residente de longa duração
RO: rezident pe termen lung
SE: varaktigt bosatt
SI: rezident za daljše obdobje
SK: osoba s dlhodobým pobytom

Long-term residents can apply for a residence permit for self-employment in the Netherlands without having to prove that their intended business serves a vital Dutch economic interest. They do have to be able to show that their business will be able to provide them with sufficient regular income to support them.

Long-term residents can also apply for a residence permit for stay as an economically inactive person, provided that they have sufficient savings or income from another country, or a pension to subsist on.

And long-term residents can also be eligible for stay with a partner who lives in the Netherlands without having to first obtain a preliminary visa (or take the basic integration exam) in their last country of residence. If they have already satisfied an integration requirement in the EU country where they became a long-term resident, moreover, they are also exempt from the civic integration requirement in the Netherlands.

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