Family Reunification

If you want to bring your foreign partner or child to the Netherlands, you’ll have to navigate the rules and restrictions involved in Dutch immigration law. You must meet various requirements, such as the sponsor proving a sufficient and sustainable income, the unmarried, cohabiting partner proving that they are unmarried, or the family member having to take the basic civic integration exam at a Dutch embassy or consulate. We can assist you in applying for a residence permit or a preliminary visa for entering the Netherlands (MVV). Thanks to our expertise and years of experience, you will be well-prepared and your chances of success will be greatly improved, because we will already evaluate your application against the applicable laws and regulations for you. If you have received a negative decision and your partner or spouse must leave the Netherlands, we can assist you in filing an appeal and requesting a temporary injunction against deportation while the appeal is decided on.

(Note: if you have the nationality of another member state of the EU, or if you are a Dutch citizen who has lived in another member state of the EU together with your family member, the requirements are much less strict. See Rights of EU citizens and their family members.)

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