Immigration Law

We believe in the importance of a citizen’s right to proper legal representation against powerful government offices such as the IND (Immigration and Naturalization Service), especially when fundamental human rights are in jeopardy, including the right to pursue family life and the right of a child to be cared for and raised by both parents. In some cases, restrictive immigration law (particularly in the area of family reunification) can conflict with treaties such as the European Convention on Human Rights (EVRM), the International Children’s Convention (IVRK) and European guidelines such as the family reunification directive (2003/86/EG).

At Franssen Advocaten, we are always up to date on the most recent developments and case law in these areas, and we are active members of specialty law associations including the Institute for Multicultural Affairs (WRV) and the Specialist Association for Migration Attorneys (SVMA).


Family Reunification
Working in Employment
Permanent Residence
Dutch Citizenship
Civic Integration
Rights of EU Citizens

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