You can choose to have your divorce handled by our lawyer-mediator. This is beneficial in that you share the cost with your (ex-)partner rather than each paying for your own attorney. Furthermore, the mediation process is easier for the parties involved and for the children, because in this case you are both willing to reach a compromise together. Mediation is also possible even if you have not yet reached an agreement about all relevant matters. It is important for your own future (and your children’s) that the divorce is finalized in a respectful manner and that the agreements made are legally binding, thus avoiding a prolonged and costly separation procedure.

During mediation, the arrangements that you make regarding children, alimony and division of property are legally established in a separation agreement and/or parenting plan in order to avoid future disputes.

After a successful mediation, the lawyer-mediator will file the petition for divorce in court, including the separation agreement and parenting plan. The divorce decree will follow after a few weeks, without the need for a court procedure.

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