International Divorce

Franssen Advocaten is particularly specialized in the field of international divorce, which is often more complex than a separation between partners of the same nationality. An international divorce is a divorce in which one or both partners are foreign nationals or live abroad. Handling an international divorce requires very specific knowledge. It must first be established whether the Dutch court is authorized to decide your case, and which law is applicable.

We regularly assist international clients and can also communicate remotely (via Skype/e-mail) to advise and guide clients even if they are living abroad. We can also assist foreign law firms by providing advice and guidance in the field of Dutch family law.
If one of the partners would like to move abroad with the children after a divorce, this will require permission from the other parent. If the other parent will not give the permission, you can appeal to the court for substitute consent to move abroad.
In an international divorce, it is always necessary to first determine which European regulations and international conventions are applicable in your case according to international private law.

Such procedures always require personalized legal solutions; in some cases we may seek advice from an outside expert in order to give you the best possible advice and guidance.

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