Child Alimony

As parents, you are legally obliged to contribute to the cost of raising your children until they reach the age of 21 years old. If you divorce, the court may require you to pay child alimony. When calculating the amount of the maintenance payment, the judge takes into account the needs of the child (based on family income during the marriage/relationship) and your ability to pay (based on your current net disposable income).

Franssen Advocaten can give you an estimated calculation of the amount of child alimony you must pay or will receive.

If you pay child alimony and your situation has significantly changed, for example if your your ability to keep up with the payments has been affected through no fault of your own, you can submit a request to the court for a modification of the child alimony agreement. You will need an attorney. Franssen Advocaten can make a recalculation, and in some cases, submit your request for modification of child alimony payments to the court.

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